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We offer professional heat pump retrofit solutions for all aging and failing systems. Use our booking form below to schedule your retrofit appointment. The replacement process only takes a couple hours with minimal impact to you.

Heat Pump Brands We Replace

How We Measure Up

Advanced Controls

Unilux HVAC advanced controls easily diagnose heat pump issues and are compatible with most thermostats and sensors.

Quiet Operation

Our retrofit heat pump chassis feature a fully motorized valve for more efficient and whisper-quiet operation.


Unilux HVAC retrofit heat pumps are protected with a full 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

No Controls

Competitors do not supply controls with their retrofit solutions - only a heat pump chassis with no upgrade to smart thermostat compatibility.

Noisy Operation

Other brands do not offer a motorized valve with their standard heat pump chassis, meaning you pay more to upgrade your unit to quiet operation.

Limited Warranty

Industry standard warranties only offer 1-year protection against parts from the manufacturer.

Heat Pump

Replacement Process

Retrofit Process Step 1

Step 1

We access the heat pump and protect the surrounding area.

Retrofit Process Step 2

Step 2

We remove the panel to access the interior components.

Retrofit Process Step 3

Step 3

We remove all of the interior components as required.

Retrofit Process Step 4

Step 4

We insert all of the new heat pump components, including the chassis, motor/blower, drain pan, controls, and thermostat (if ordered).

Retrofit Process Step 5

Step 5

We reinsert the access panel.

Retrofit Process Step 6

Step 6

We clean up the area and show you how your new heat pump works.

Equipment We Replace

Our replacement heat pumps are designed to quickly and easily replace all original heat pump manufacturer’s units with minimal downtime and resident disruption. Unilux HVAC replacement heat pumps are made with the finest components and undergo a 5-point quality inspection to ensure long-lasting home comfort. 

Our retrofit heat pump solution consists of replacing two essential components: the heat pump chassis and motor/blower assembly. Updating these components effectively gives you an entirely new heat pump system.

Heat Pump Chassis

Motor / Blower Assembly

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