Heat Pump Inspection

Downtown Toronto

Heat Pump Replacement 168 King Street East

The project started with our partners at Lux-Bull HVAC Services visiting aging condominiums to understand residents’ comfort and heat pump issues. The heat pumps at 168 King St. East in Toronto had been in use since 1997. The old heat pumps were in rough shape after 24 years. It was determined that many heat pumps needed to be replaced as they were leading to resident discomfort. Common issues with the original heat pumps included: noisy equipment with limited air flow, improper hot and cold air filtration, and constant break down of units.

Deteriorating Original Heat Pump

Residents’ old ClimateMaster heat pumps were loud, failing and did not provide them with the heating or air conditioning comfort they desired. Our whisper-quiet heat pumps were the solution that they needed.

Several condo owners contacted our Unilux HVAC team, and we were happy to help improve their home comfort with new heat pumps.

Replacing the Heat Pumps

Residents reached out to Unilux HVAC to get their failing heat pumps replaced. All equipment installed used our universal chassis. This equipment was supplied with new stainless steel drain panblower/motor with bulkhead adaptor and a new front baffle cover with MERV 8 filters. Our professional and skilled team replaced multiple units, with installation in each suite taking under 3 hours due to the one-size fit all nature of the units. From these installs, half of the units used. We replaced the units in the building while being careful and respectful in each suite as well as ensuring not to disturb the other tenants. 

Residents did not experience much heating or cooling downtime and the installation was a smooth process.

Customers Enjoy Their New Heat Pumps

All the owners are now very happy with their new equipment and installation experience. In fact, residents were so happy with their new installations that more residents have contacted Unilux HVAC for their own heat pump replacements at 168 King St. E, Toronto. They are all now enjoying their whisper-quiet heating and air conditioning systems. 

This job is a perfect example of how Unilux HVAC heat pumps can increase resident home comfort. 

Residents did not experience much heating or cooling downtime and the installation was a smooth process.

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Fill out our quick contact form and inform us about any failing or aging heat pump issues you have. We’ll get back to you right away with pricing and any follow-up questions. Our professional and skilled installers replace your heat pump with minimal impact to you and your suite. Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite like the residents of 168 King Street E with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort. Whisper-quiet comfort is only a click away!