Unilux HVAC

Unilux HVAC has been designing and manufacturing high-rise residential HVAC solutions for over 50 years. We are dedicated to ensuring that residents experience unparalleled comfort. Specializing in high-performing, low-maintenance HVAC equipment, our systems prioritize energy efficiency, elevate indoor air quality, and provide comfort to over 500,000 homes across North America.

Our Commitment

Embracing technological innovation, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship, we are dedicated to crafting products that not only deliver exceptional comfort but also foster a greener, more sustainable world. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction propels us to be the go-to source for sustainable HVAC solutions, empowering individuals and communities to adopt a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on unparalleled comfort, starting right in their homes

Our History

Birth of Unilux VFC

Unilux VFC is born and offers a line of vertical stack fan coil products. The brand quickly takes off with a reputation for efficient, quiet, and reliable home heating and cooling.

First Integrated ERV Fan Coil

Unilux VFC proves their dedication to innovation with the introduction of their patented integrated ERV system which provides residents with fresh air to improve their indoor air quality. This technology continues to separate Unilux from other high-rise HVAC manufacturers. 

Vast acquires Unilux VFC

Unilux VFC is acquired by Vast Industrial Corporation with the goal of expanding manufacturing capabilities. Vast is a private owner and operator of several manufacturing businesses. vastindustrialcorp.com

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Moved into Current Facility

Manufacturing and office operations are moved to our current 66,000 sqft location in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Unilux VFC_Floor1
Launched Unilux Certified Retrofit Fan Coils

Unilux CRFC is created to service the North American retrofit fan coil market. Unilux Certified manufactures and installs new HVAC equipment to update fan coils that are over 25 years old. 

Launched Unilux VHP

Unilux launches a newly designed water source vertical stack heat pump to the North American market. Heat pumps have gained popularity due to their high-efficiency and environmental sustainability. 

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Rebranded to Unilux HVAC

Unilux VFC and VHP are together under one roof and one brand, Unilux HVAC. Streamlining our operations allows us to optimize our resources while providing the excellent service our customers deserve.