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New Construction Projects

At Unilux HVAC, we collaborate with developers and engineers to craft integrated comfort solutions tailored to their unique requirements. As technology transforms how residents control home comfort, our systems stay ahead of the curve, seamlessly integrating with state-of-the-art technology, including all-in-one resident control panels, building management systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more.

Benefits of

Vertical Stack Systems

Vertical stack fan coils have been a reliable choice for efficient heating and cooling in high-rise buildings for decades, with vertical stack heat pumps gaining recent popularity. Vertical stack systems integrate into wider building systems and require a small footprint, increasing usable square footage of each suite. Our modular HVAC units are adapted for to suit every installation and airflow requirements. Vertical stack fan coils and heat pumps require minimal maintenance and deliver high efficiency heating and cooling to residents year-round.

Building-Wide Integration

Optimize floorspace and streamline building systems.

Flexible Installation

Adaptable unit configurations for varied installation and airflow needs.

High-Efficiency Performance

Sustainable solutions with long-term energy and cost savings.

Individual Controls

Residents individually control their own heating and cooling year-round.

Vertical Stack

Fan Coils

Vertical stack fan coils are cost effective and easy to install. They feature all the advantages of traditional fan coils, but their versatile arrangements allow the units to be positioned in any interior partition to maximize the occupied space. Our team leads the industry with the most innovative fan coil products including ERV integration, and smart controls. Available in 2-pipe, 4-pipe, and DX Hybrid configurations.

Vertical Stack

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are highly energy efficient and flexible. Residents have full control over their own heating and cooling throughout the year without the need for auxiliary heaters. Vertical stack heat pumps easily integrate into building systems and have a small footprint to optimize space. We manufacture heat pumps using cutting-edge controls and integrated ERV technology. Available in water source, geothermal, and hybrid models.

Patented Integrated

ERV System

Available on Vertical Stack Fan Coils and Heat Pumps

Unilux HVAC’s integrated energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system optimizes energy savings and resident comfort. Our patented technology, which can be integrated into any of our vertical stack fan coils and heat pumps, introduces fresh air into a suite and minimizes energy loss through an advanced heat transfer core. ERV cores transfer moisture between the exhaust and fresh air.


Fan Coils

Low-profile and high-capacity horizontal fan coils are now available from Unilux HVAC! Our horizontal fan coils are made to maximize suite square footage and can be installed either in a wall or ceiling. Multiple air flow configurations offer design flexibility to suit any location.



Unilux HVAC has provided industry-leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to projects across North America. Browse some of our recent projects below. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us to learn about a completed project near you.