Replacing Aging Heat Pumps

Chicago High-Rise

Multi-Unit Heat Pump Retrofit at 33 West Delaware

The project started with our Unilux HVAC team’s affiliation with Zack, the chief engineer at 33 West Delaware. He knew of the quality retrofit heat pumps that Unilux HVAC manufactured and informed our team that the heat pumps at 33 West Delaware had been in use for 30 years and were running into several issues. Our Unilux HVAC team headed to Chicago to restore the residents’ comfort!

Issues with Original Heat Pump

The 30-year-old ClimateMaster heat pumps were running into several issues, impacting residents’ home comfort. Residents were experiencing leaks and floods in their suites; the motors had burned out and the units were extremely loud. These issues made it very uncomfortable for several residents to enjoy living in their suites. Our whisper-quiet retrofit heat pumps were the solution 33 West Delaware needed.
Several condo owners contacted our Unilux HVAC team, and we were happy to help improve their home comfort with new heat pumps.

Unilux HVAC Retrofit Heat Pumps
Becoming Vendor of Choice

We met with the board of directors at 33 West Delaware, and they explained that slow heat pump shipments from their original vendor were another big problem the building faced. If a suite’s heat pump broke down, the board explained that it would take up to 6-8 weeks for the resident to receive another heat pump. This was because of the specific heat pump measurements required to fit into the suites. The board of directors were concerned about how our team would approach this problem and provide faster shipping. The price for the original heat pumps were also very expensive.

To overcome this obstacle of slow shipping speed, our highly skilled team took measurements from the building and agreed to stock our retrofit heat pumps fitting these requirements at our warehouse. This way, residents at 33 West Delaware would never have to worry because we could promptly deliver a heat pump with the building’s specific measurements.

With a solution to all the original heat pump problems, our Unilux HVAC retrofit heat pumps were engineered to fit the building, were delivered fast, and featured the lowest price complete heat pump package. Due to this, we became 33 West Delaware’s heat pump replacement vendor of choice.  

Resident Reach Out

Our team got the approval from the board of directors to send out a promotion to the residents at 33 West Delaware. The property manager sent a mass email to all the residents promoting our Unilux RHP retrofit heat pumps and encouraging residents to attend our virtual presentation. Our Unilux RHP team hosted a presentation where we explained our retrofit heat pump solutions and spent an hour answering 100 questions!

The residents were excited by our affordable pricing, fast delivery, and the unbeatable quietness of our units. The email and presentation included details for residents to book their own heat pump replacement on our website.

Residents Enjoy Their Retrofit Heat Pump and Restored Home Comfort

Our team installed our retrofit heat pumps in over 40 suites! We worked very promptly, taking under 3 hours to install our customized retrofit heat pumps. We were careful and respectful in each suite and ensured not to disturb the other tenants. During the replacement, residents did not experience much heating or cooling downtime and their installation was a smooth process. Every resident also got our Universe Thermostat with their replacement.

All the homeowners are now living comfortably in their suites with their new equipment and enjoying their whisper-quiet heating and air conditioning systems. Before leaving each suite, our team addressed all concerns, answered all questions, and educated each resident on their replacement heat pump unit.

The residents also loved our 2-year parts and labour warranty that provided protection for their brand-new heat pump. If any part of the heat pump needs repair, the warranty means residents would pay nothing to receive their repair in the first two years!

Find Your

Retrofit Solution

Fill out our quick contact form and inform us about any failing or aging heat pump issues you have. We’ll get back to you right away with pricing and any follow-up questions. Our professional and skilled installers replace your heat pump with minimal impact to you and your suite. Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite like the residents of 33 West Delaware with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort. Whisper-quiet comfort is only a click away!