Original Heat Pump Inspection

Brampton Building

Heat Pump Retrofit at 310 Mill Street South, Brampton

The project started with a resident at 310 Mill Street South completing our online Unilux HVAC booking process for a heat pump replacement. The resident found our retrofit heat pump solutions through an online search and was impressed by our product offering and 2-year parts and labour warranty program. 

The resident provided their information through our booking portal, including their old heat pump manufacturer, chassis size and unit tag.  We went to the building to measure the old unit to confirm our universal chassis fit perfectly in the suite. The resident was excited for us to replace the old heat pump with a new Unilux HVAC heat pump.

Problems with Original McQuay Heat Pump

The resident’s original failing McQuay heat pump had been in use for 30 years and run into several issues. The fan was still operating but the heating and cooling functionality was completely gone. The lack of heating and cooling made living in his suite unbearable.  

Once our Unilux HVAC team opened the original McQuay heat pump unit it was obvious why it had broken down—it had been repaired to death. The past technicians who had repaired the resident’s McQuay heat pump unit had cut and tried to re-work the refrigerant lines which caused the whole heat pump to malfunction. 

The controls for the original heat pump were also not user friendly. The resident only had the option to turn heating or cooling on and then had to adjust the fan speed with a dial. With his new heat pump replacement, this younger resident was also looking to ditch this aged unit for a Unilux HVAC retrofit heat pump that provided smarter, modern controls.

Heat Pump Replacement in Downtown Brampton

Our Unilux HVAC team performed the install at 310 Mill St in the morning. The whole process only took a few hours. During the inspection, the resident only wanted to replace the chassis, not the fan or controls. After our team’s inspection of the unit, we explained to the resident that we also wanted to replace the controls because they were failing. We did not want to incorporate our quality retrofit heat pumps if the overall system was not repaired and could lead them to fail. The customer agreed to the benefits of upgrading, and our Unilux HVAC team replaced the blower/motor and included our Universe Thermostat to increase his level of control over his heat pump. 

Our team installed our more efficient ECM motor. Due to the original McQuay heat pump system being 30 years old, it used an inefficient old PSC motor. This motor was extremely inefficient, did not provide multiple fan speeds and was much noisier because the fan kicked off at full speed.

Troubleshooting the Old McQuay Units

Our team had to troubleshoot a couple issues during the replacement process. One of the issues was ensuring utmost delicacy during the replacement process. This was because the residents old McQuay chassis was mounted on the floor. The hardwood floor in his suite went up to the heat pump and our team had to be extra cautious to ensure we did not scratch his floors. To mitigate this problem, our skilled team was especially careful in removing the old McQuay unit. We also put down blankets for added safety. In the end, the resident’s floors remained untouched!

The other challenge our team faced during the replacement process was with an adapter attached on the shut off valve. The adapter on the resident’s McQuay heat pump had been on there from 30 years ago and our Unilux HVAC team had to remove it for our hose to fit on the shut off valve. This delayed our install for only 15 minutes, displaying how our skilled team can overcome any challenges fast and efficiently. 

Customer Enjoys Her New Heat Pump

Unilux HVAC’s retrofit heat pump replacement at 310 Mill St S was our very first McQuay heat pump replacement, and it went flawlessly! Our unit fit perfectly into the resident’s suite. This job is a perfect example of how our Unilux HVAC team can provide solutions to any issues. Our team was able to address any concerns, answer all questions and educate the resident on his replacement heat pump unit. With this expertise, the resident now has peace of mind knowing the Unilux HVAC team has the solutions he needs to breathe cleaner air with peace of mind that our 2-year parts and labour warranty provides. If any part of the heat pump needed repair, residents would pay nothing to receive their repair!

Unique Problem with Old McQuay Heat Pumps

When we visited this building, it was clear that many of the residents at 310 Mill St were not updating their unique McQuay heat pump systems. This was because there had not been a cost-effective solution like our Unilux HVAC retrofit heat pumps that had been pitched to 330 Mill St. South residents. A reason for this was that the McQuay heat pump units were different from other models of heat pumps. This specific model of McQuay heat pumps at 310 Mill St. South had a hole in the access panel. 

To combat this building-wide issue, Unilux HVAC’s dedicated engineering team is designing a brand-new panel that will not have a hole for this specific McQuay model. This way, Unilux HVAC has a long-term solution for the residents at 310 Mill St. South to restore their home comfort.

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