Heat Pump Inspection

Downtown Toronto

Heat Pump Replacement at 393 King Street W

The project started with a resident at 393 King St W looking for a heat pump replacement. She had searched different heat pump manufacturers and obtained competitive pricing, but when she found our complete heat pump replacement package she reached out for more information! The heat pumps at 393 King St W in Toronto had been in use since 2001. The old heat pumps in this building were running into several issues. The resident’s heat pump needed to be replaced to improve her home comfort. The original heat pumps had been repaired several times, but the heating was unreliable, and the air conditioning had completely failed. In fact, every time the resident ran her air conditioning the unit leaked!

Original Malfunctioning Heat Pump

The resident’s old McQuay heat pump was unreliable and failing. The air conditioning system did not work, and the drain pan was completely rusted with no method of replacing it, resulting in the unit leaking when put in cooling mode. Unilux HVAC’s whisper-quiet quality heat pumps were the solution the resident needed. 

After her heat pump installation, several other condo owners contacted our Unilux HVAC team and we were happy to help improve mroe residents’ home comfort with new heat pumps.

Meeting the Condo Board

Our Unilux HVAC sales team met the board at 393 King St W and sent brochures about our retrofit heat pump products to the building’s tenants. Many homeowners reached out to us for our services. To date, we have replaced one heat pump unit and more replacements are soon to come.

Troubleshooting Original Heat Pump

Our team had to troubleshoot an issue during the replacement process. The heat pump was a short closet unit, and as a result, it was difficult to pull the old unit out to replace it with the new heat pump. The original unit was a custom designed unit and was much shorter than our Unilux HVAC normal chassis. With these types of units, replacements are not easily available. Nevertheless, our Unilux HVAC team was able to resolve this issue.

To replace the resident’s tricky unit, our team engineered a low style cabinet with a removable chassis, ensuring maintenance in the future would be seamless. The size of our unit was 2” taller to accommodate the rails for a removable chassis and our team installed a Unilux 3-ton chassis.

Our professional team replaced this heat pump unit in one day while being careful and respectful in the suite as well as ensuring not to disturb the other tenants. The resident did not experience much heating or cooling downtime. This heat pump replacement comes to show how Unilux HVAC can tackle any problem. 

Customer Enjoys Her New Heat Pump

The homeowner is now living comfortably in her suite with her new equipment. Our Unilux HVAC team’s problem-solving skills helped us to deal with all issues, resulting in a happy customer. Our team addressed all concerns, answered all questions, and educated the resident on her replacement heat pump unit. With this expertise, the resident now has peace of mind knowing the Unilux HVAC team has the solutions she needs to breathe cleaner air and live-in whisper-quiet comfort. The resident also loved our 2-year parts and labour warranty that further eased her mind.

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