Replacing Failing Heat Pumps

Oakville Retirement

Retrofit Heat Pumps at Amica Bronte Harbour

Amica Bronte Harbour is an upscale retirement home located in Oakville, Ontario. This building reached out to Unilux HVAC looking for a heat pump replacement solution.

Amica Bronte Harbour was working with another vendor to replace heat pumps in their building, but their lead times were way too long. This vendor was not a reliable partner for Amica Bronte Harbour, and they were seeking out a different company who manufactured quality heat pumps made in Canada – they wanted a local solution to deliver heat pump units in a timely manner. Unilux HVAC was the solution to this retirement home’s HVAC problems.

Replacing Broken Johnson Controls Heat Pump

This Amica location has Johnson Controls heat pumps. Their property manager reached out to us looking for a solution to replace several different heat pump sizes: ¾ ton, 1 ton and 1¼ ton.  The issues of each heat pump varied, but compressor failure and high-pressure switch and alarm failure was a big theme with these 9-year-old Johnson Control heat pumps.

Our Unilux HVAC team inspected all the units and gave Amica Bronte Harbour a quote. They approved our quote and we replaced three different units in this building. We also trained the facilities team to replace our heat pumps. With this, we can ship our heat pumps and the building’s team can install for added convinces. Now the residents at this building can live comfortably with their brand-new heat pump systems.

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