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Heat Pump Replacement at College St. United Church

As Unilux HVAC does more retrofit heat pump replacements all over Toronto, we gain valuable skills that we apply to our next project. That is why Unilux HVAC is a brand people trust for their experience and reputation.

Our customer at College Street United Church understood Unilux HVAC was the best solution to restore her comfort. We were contacted via telephone to help a mother – who had just given birth 7 days earlier – replace her heat pump unit and provide heating and cooling to her home.

Original Broken McQuay Heat Pump

The resident’s original heat pump was an old McQuay heat pump that was 30 years old. This McQuay heat pump was the exact same model replaced at 310 Mill Street. The air conditioning system did not work, and the compressor had completely failed. Unilux HVAC replaced the unit with no issues.

There was another unit in the building that was also failing. Our team explained to the College Street United Church that it would make the most sense to replace both at the same time. We felt it would provide the maximum comfort for residents and the Church happily agreed to replace both heat pumps at the same time.

Customers Enjoy Their New Replacement McQuay Heat Pump Compliments of Unilux HVAC

Unilux HVAC is a brand that is trusted for our reliability and efficiency. Our heat pumps are made by industry-leading engineers using the utmost quality components. That is why the residents at College Street United Church now have peace of mind knowing the Unilux HVAC team has the solutions they need to breathe cleaner air and live-in whisper-quiet comfort. The two installations at College Street United Church display that Unilux HVAC continues to solve problems, apply our learnings, and provide excellent heat pump replacement services. The residents at College Street United Church also loved our 2-year parts and labour warranty that further eased their minds. If any component of their new heat pump broke down, the warranty meant they can get repairs on parts and labour at no cost!

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