Heat Pump Inspection

King West Building

Heat Pump Replacement at 1030 King Street West

The property manager at 1030 King Street West reached out to Unilux HVAC after viewing our advertisement in their building’s elevator. The property manager emailed our team on behalf of a suite owner at 1030 King Street West to have our team examine their failing heat pump system and restore their resident’s comfort.

We headed over to 1030 King Street West to investigate the failing Johnson Controls, 6-years old heat pump unit. Our skilled technicians noticed there was enough power going to the heat pump unit and enough refrigerant in the lines, but the fan was not turning on. Due to this, the heat pump system would go into a high-pressure state and shut down—leaving the resident with no heating or cooling.

Faulty Board on a Johnson Controls Heat Pump

After our team performed a thorough examination of the heat pump unit at 1030 King Street West, it was determined there was an issue with the control board. The control board was not allowing the unit to turn on the fan and forcing the unit into a high-pressure state.

As a result of the faulty control board, the whole heat pump unit needed to be replaced for two main reasons: the Johnson Controls facility was closed, and our team did not want to just replace the controls. Johnson Control was the original manufacturer of this failing heat pump but their facility manufacturing this unit had been closed.

Additionally, Unilux HVAC wanted to guarantee our customer an efficient and reliable system and changing just the control board did not guarantee other components of the heat pump would not fail. Therefore, we replaced the original heat pump with a brand new, quality Unilux HVAC heat pump.

Customer Enjoys Their New Replacement Johnson Controls Heat Pump Compliments of Unilux RHP

Unilux HVAC is a brand that is trusted for reliability and efficiency. Our heat pumps are made by industry-leading engineers using the utmost quality components. That is why the resident at 1030 King Street West now has peace of mind knowing the Unilux HVAC team has the solutions they need to breathe cleaner air and live in whisper-quiet comfort. The resident at 1030 King Street West also loved our 2-year parts and labor warranty that further eased their minds. If any component of their new heat pump broke down, the warranty meant they could get repairs on parts and labor at no cost!

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