Heat Pump Replacement

Georgetown, Ontario

Heat Pump Replacement at 20 McFarlane Drive

20 McFarlane Drive is a 30-year-old building located in Georgetown, Ontario. Unilux HVAC visited this aging building to investigate their heat pumps and examine if this building needed our HVAC solutions. After talking to the residents and property manager at 20 McFarlane, our team noticed a problem with the management of the heat pump units in this building. Unlike most buildings that have proper HVAC management procedures in place, we learned that there was no maintenance program for this building’s heat pumps – leaving the heat pump maintenance to the responsibility of the suite owner.

We concluded that the heat pumps at McFarlane had been neglected. The residents in the building did not even have a point of contact to get maintenance on their heat pump issues. Due to this, there was a range of deterioration of heat pumps reflecting the changing degree of upkeep and maintenance in each suite.

Successful Unilux HVAC Demo Unit in 20 McFarlane's Lobby

Unilux HVAC’s superior retrofit heat pumps were the solution residents in 20 McFarlane needed to address the issues from this building’s neglect of their heat pumps. To prove our heat pumps were the best replacement option on the market, our team talked to the property manager and received approval to install a demo unit in the lobby. We set out to prove that our retrofit heat pumps would directly replace the original ClimateMaster heat pump units in the suites and could be delivered and installed quickly.

Our team also set up a booth in the lobby to answer any questions residents may have about our heat pumps as well as have one to one meetings resident could set up to discuss our solutions. For five hours each day, our experienced Unilux HVAC team met with residents going in and out, answered questions and talked about replacements.  We are committed to putting our customers first.

Original Failing ClimateMaster Heat Pump

A local competitor was performing replacements and doing maintenance on some of the units in 20 McFarlane. Many suites in this building had already replaced their heat pumps with ClimateMaster. These residents explained to our team that they have not had the best experience with this local competitor. Residents noted it was costing twice as much as ours for a heat replacement and the delivery was incredibly slow.

A unique design feature of the original heat pumps that caused challenges was the hard piped copper in place of flex hoses. Most heat pumps use a flex hose system that allows for easy access around the hoses but the original heat pumps in these buildings used copper pipe. This created challenges in placing the motor/blower into the unit because it was difficult to wiggle it behind the hard-piped mess.

Additionally, the actual hook up to the unit was different because of the copper pipe.  This meant that our team could not get the chassis all the way out without disconnecting the valves and we had to use an adapter. The copper pipe in the original units were done by a plumber which caused each suite to have different wiring, creating an inconsistency that our team accounted for and managed successfully.

Customers Enjoy Their New Replacement ClimateMaster Heat Pump Compliments of Unilux HVAC

Unilux HVAC is a brand that is trusted for reliability and efficiency. Our heat pumps are made by industry-leading engineers using the utmost quality components. That is why the residents at 20 McFarlane now have peace of mind knowing the Unilux HVAC team has the solutions they need to breathe cleaner air and live in whisper-quiet comfort.

Every resident our Unilux HVAC team talked to has inquired about our team continuing to service and repair the units at this building. This building was looking for a professional company to come in and maintain the units and we are proud Unilux HVAC is that company. The residents at 20 McFarlane also loved our 2-year parts and labor warranty that further eased their minds. If any component of their new heat pump broke down, the warranty meant they could get repairs on parts and labor at no cost!

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